Oh, tis a sordid tale – Chevy 6 changes domain name

by Ben Burford

Ugh. I’m still pissed off. The carrier of our original domain name, chevy6.com didn’t notify me that it was expiring and I let it lapse. Some entrepreneurial type bought the domain name because they saw that it had been in use for so many years. And yes, to get it back would begin at 2,000 bucks. Well, I say, “In the liver to you, you BROKER, or whatever it is you call yourself”!

So we’ve slunk over to chevy6.net.

And NOW we have to get high enough in Google searches for Chevy 6 or Chevy Six or Chevy6 or whatever it is they may be searching for that people won’t hit the link for one of the several agencies that also book us. Chevy 6 wants to book directly with you! No extraneous layers.

Which leads me to the new Chevy 6 website.

In order to get us high enough in the Google results so as to beat out the agencies, we needed a website that had some content and activity to it. Status quo is such a good friend, but in this case, we must forge on.

This is the beginning of that.

Check beck often! This time it’s gonna be updated!


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